Welcome to my little blog!

Welcome to my corner of the interweb. I started this blog as an outlet.  I used to keep a journal, but that was discontinued years ago when life just got too busy.  I find that writing can help keep things in perspective, and, let’s face it, this job can be stressful.

As the blog title indicates, I am a systems administrator.  I’m also a girl.   -Not that being a girl sysadmin matters; I just thought the name was fitting.  I’ve been working in IT for several years, yet I haven’t really chosen a specialty.  I wonder if that’s something I should do.  My manager asks me about this occasionally.  I’m perfectly happy being a generalist, but I think virtualization is what I enjoy the most.  I also have a fascination with networking.  I love technology in general, so sometimes it seems silly to focus on just one area.

I am currently working for an MSP, which always makes for an interesting work week.  I’ve worked IT in education, finance, insurance, and freelance, and I think I really love working for an MSP.  No two days are alike, and you never really know what you’re walking into each morning or with whom you’re going to work.  It’s awesome!

Things I do in my free time:  Reading, studying for that next certification, working out, knitting, and martial arts (hi-ya!).  I also like wine, but I’m no connoisseur (I usually select my wine based on the cleverness of the label).  I also have a Doberman who was a rescue, and I consider myself an advocate for animal rescues.

Reading: Learn Windows Powershell in a Month of Lunches
Reading for fun:  The Woman in White
Drinking: SeaGlass Pinot Noir (because the label reminded me of a beach)
Watching: The Amityville Horror (2005)